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The land Brynllwyn
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This is the paddock in midwinter, looking west, the sea is beyond the horizon

See a photo of Chickenshack from the air

Panoramic view looking over Chickenshack towards the mountains

This is the veggie garden in January 2006. With help from Wwoof volunteer Ben we have forked and dug our veg bedsd has they had become over run with couch gtrass, docks and buttercup. After two years of mulching with plastic and old carpets we are finally getting back in control of the garden. There are great plans for the future.l...

This is the veggie garden in february 2004. The black plastic is old silage bags being used as a sheet mulch - effective at killing off weeds but a bit messy.

This is the wetland. Teaming with frogs, newts and field voles, it is excellent habitat. One section is a raised bog, which makes it particularly noteworthy.It attracts owls, buzzards, and all sorts of other visitors.

This is the woodland. Badgers come rooting around here in the evenings.