The Forest Garden at Chickenshack

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notes on species used in our forest garden
  common name latin name notes location
1 Sweet cicely   fg
2 Tiger iris tigrdia Pavonia   fg
3   Gaultheria Procumbera   fg
4 June Berry Ameliancher Candensis   fg
5 black choke berry aronia melocarpa   fg
6 red choke berry   fg
7 Grape Triomph D'Alsace   fg
8 Grape Chardonnay   fg
9 Grape   From Tony Wrench fg
10 hop golden humulus   fg
11 berberris   fg
12 chinese yam   fg
13 Day lilly Hemeracallis Stafford   fg
14 Day lilly Hemeracallis Bonanza   fg
15 polygantum multiflora solomons seal   fg
16 blue crop vaccinnium vitis   fg
17 potato bean apios americana   fg
18 japanese horseradish wasabia japonica   fg
19 thyme silver posie thymus   fg
20 golden marjoram oreganum vulgare   fg
21 Dill.   fg
22 Variagated oregano   fg
23 comfrey   fg
24 pig nut bunium bulbocastinum fg
25 serpent garlic   fg
26 thyme purple   fg
27 chives   fg
28 welsh onion alium fistulosam   fg
29 spearmint   fg
30 yarrow   fg
31 chamomile   fg
32 cat mint   fg
33 damson   fg
34 apple bramley   fg
35 apple bramley   fg
36 apple james grieve   fg
37 apple pixie   fg
38 apple unknown (pete?)   fg
39   aronia arbutifolia   fg
40   hovenia dulcis died fg
41 medlar messipilis nottingham   fg
42 pear doyenne   fg
43 pear   yard
44 chilean guava   fg
45   ilew crenata consecta   fg
46 black current   fg
47 red current   fg
48 peach   con
49 sage purple   fg
50 sage oficinale   fg
51 rosemary   fg
52 heather   fg
53 garlic chive alium fg
54 wild garlic, ramsons alium fg
  jostaberry ribes  
  oca oxalis