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teh digger and driver   a man at one with his machine. the digger driver was an absolute maestro, i was so impressed by what he could do with his machine. He drove in and out on the same track, caused utter devastation in the field, then smoothed it all over, aside from some bare soil, which quickly grew over that spring, it was like he had never been there. Except a pond had magically appeared.
digger at work  
mr jacobs inspects   Mr Jacobs inspects the new drainage trench
mr jones   Mr Jones indicates the depth of the water in the field against the digger arm
action shot  
before   There isn't a perfect 'before' picture, but this is the field after about the first hour or two of digging
during   It was shortly after this was taken about midday that the field started to resemble the Somme in 1917, but our concern was unjustified as it wasfinished off beautifully.
after   The field at about 5.00 pm the same day. Note the new pond is almost full already