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All items in our shop are selected for being relevant to our personal experience and that of the co-op, so most of these are books etc. we know and love. Our aim is to share our passion and knowedge with anyone with the same interests

Buying books through our store gaurentees you the best price and service possible via the world biggest bookstore: amazon, but the 5% sales comission goes to support permaculture here in wales!

Book reviews by Franktastic

Patrick Whitefield's great book on Forest gardening, it was the first really good permaculture gardening book written for our temperate climate Ben is an inspirational forester and I really recommend his work. This is the story of him applying his skills ot building his own home, subject of a great tv documentary
Robert Hart of course is attributed to have invented the Forest Garden and pionnered it in his garden in Wenlock Edge Graham Bell is a stalwart of Permaculture in the UK and has loads to say about it, well worth a read
More from Robert - Robert died a few years ago, but he has left an amazing legacy Mollison and Holgren's designers manual is still the definitive text - the Permaculture bible, although its mainly about Australia the principles are the same everywhere
The definitive book on dealing with slugs without poisons, comprised a compilation of folklore suggesions from the public and 30 years experiece of gardening in wales' wettest village Allan's garden heroes, his writing is both witty and informed with a passion for sustainability
Everything you need to know about high fibre composting, researched at the Centre for Alternative technology  
Morgan Spurlock's book on fast food - drawing on his experience of putting together the 'brilliant' guerilla documentary super size me This is a brilliant and thoroughly researched critique of the fast food industry. 'It wipes the smile of the face of your happy meal'
Housing Co-ops, read all about it! Holmgren is a very sensible and level headed writer where Mollison is much more wacky.
Jon Hands on housing co-ops Earth user's guide - I like the look of this one, not read it yet
Housing co-op's in Britain We have known Simon for years via Redfield community and Permaculture association here is his pc plot - actually I dont think Chickenshak are in it, I must talk to him!
Collapse is the definitive read for anyone interested in human survival, Diamond is an inspirational writer. You need to take some time out to read this, it really stretches your brain in all the right places "This book puts into context better than anything I have read the major tragedy that has been occurring in Zimbabwe for over twenty years"
Guns germs and steel, - possibly the most interesting book yet written; condensing 13,000 years of human history from a global perspective into one volume - brain boiling Part of my soul will forever remain in Zimbabwe, and part of that love has a lot to do with the music that oozes out of its every pore
Ok here is not the place to look for books about marketing, but it is the other subject that most interests me.
Read this book, it is illuminating!
Thomas Mapfumo - where to start? the man is a musical giant, amazon have 28 listings for him, this one recorded on his 50th birthday catches him in a soulful mood, and typifies the chimurenga sound

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